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According to your needs, each session will be personalized and can be either relaxing, re-energizing or deep tissue.

Do not hesitate to communicate  your medical contraindications (old injuries or allergies) in order to adapt the treatment to your needs. During your appointment, allow yourself a break after the massage.


Take your time, relax, you will get more out of the session.



Californian massage

Eliminates physical and psychological tensions with a sense of deep relaxation

Muscular Massage

Toning and/or relaxing, this massage helps to relax muscular tensions by using a variety of techniques to include : skimming or "effleurages" a Swedish method  to lightly warm up the muscles and streching, kneading and squeezing techniques known as foulage and petrissage.


This foot massage stimulates the entire body, creating sensations of well-being

Stones Massage

Hot stone massage

Warming of the muscles to stimulate the body

(For in-home services, 20 extra minutes are necessary for the heating of the stones)

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage

Releases the flow of energy in the specified parts of the body


Pressure Point Massage

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage works on releasing adhesions to reduce pain and promote the return to normal movement.      


In the current context of change and evolution for me, I am delighted to announce that I have decided to collaborate with people I have worked with for years. These people are close to me and for who, in every session, I feel joy and a great amount of trust. 


Technique is vital but the essential is in the connection to the other. The most important thing is to leave a lasting impression of confidence and competence by using supportive, empathetic massage.


I invite you to discover them during a massage session in the near future.

For individuals, professionals, companies or events, I practice my massage activity in the place of your choice:


  • CHALET : At home

  • HOTEL: To your hotel room

  • COMPANY: At your office

I move around with my massage table, organic massage oil, towels and sheets.


Remember to warm up your space in advance if necessary.

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